wxMaxima in Economics

Applying the open-source computer algebra program to economic analysis

Microeconomic Computation

Microeconomic Theory and Computation: Applying the Maxima Open-Source Computer Algebra System, Springer, 2013. This text’s purpose is to help advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers learn to apply Maxima, the leading open-source computer algebra system, to economic analysis. The book walks students through a thorough overview of microeconomic theory, with a variety of applications and examples.

This book can be made available to students through the SpringerLink platform. It is licensed in Springer’s 2014 Business & Economics eBook package to libraries worldwide. Once a library licenses a package, anyone with access privileges to that library may download the book, either by individual chapter or the whole book. For those institutions activating Springer’s MyCopy program, individuals may also purchase paperback versions of the book for under $30. For more information about the MyCopy program, please visit www.springer.com/mycopy.

The links below are to two subsidiary pages that provide students ways to work though economic theory using Maxima, in a guided fashion.

  • The Text Workbooks page contains links to workbooks that contain all of the code that generated the Maxima-based analysis in the text. The workbooks follow the text’s outline. Some of the economic analysis found in the text also appears in the workbooks. The workbooks offer some extended commentary on the use of Maxima.
  • The Exercises page contains links to exercises for most of the book’s chapters. Each of the exercise sets is a workbook that guides the student through the economic analysis and the relevant Maxima commands.